Garage Sale!

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Garage Sale!

Postby jeffreyned » Tue Jul 31, 2012 9:09 pm

Ok. So some of you may be aware that I've been doing some fast talking and horse trading to make a VW single cab deal happen. The deal seems set. Should happen tomorrow.

I am going to need to raise some cash fairly soon to pay back my private financier.

I am considering selling one or more of the following vehicles:

Blue P125- I have already built an engine for it, but need to swap out the crank and assemble the scoot. I could sell it as is to a capable buyer or do the work and sell it. Any club members that are interested should just make me a reasonable offer, I've got about a grand invested in it at this point.


My Green 1998 Chevy Metro hatchback. Runs fine. No known issues. ~ $1500.00


My Fiat 850 spider- Rad project. Needs fuel pump and some welding done on the floor pan. ~ $1000.00

Also: I am selling a 4 door Geo Metro (for my dad) with an oil leak for $500.00

Donations to this worthy cause will also be accepted via paypal or cash. :D

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